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Cosa portare vacanza in barca


The boat vacation is ideal for those who want to indulge in moments of relaxation, adventure and fun: you set out to discover enchanting places, hidden bays and let yourself be carried away by the wind and rocked by the waves of the sea. The dilemma before leaving for a boat cruise is: what should I pack?

It is important to limit oneself to the bare essentials, a few things chosen wisely while eliminating the superfluous. On a boat cruise where space is at a premium, it is appropriate to travel with a soft duffle bag or backpack that you can fold up and store in the drawer or lockers provided in the cabins; instead, hard suitcases that are difficult to stow are to be avoided.
Let’s go into more detail on what it is essential to bring with you to treat yourself to a perfect sailing holiday.


For a boat trip, clothing should be comfortable, sporty and minimal:  in the hot season, swimsuits, cover-ups, a beach towel, a hat and a pair of sunglasses will suffice. For excursions, cotton t-shirts, comfortable and light shorts are essential. In spring, it is advisable to dress in layers: with long-sleeved shirts, trousers, socks, a sweatshirt, a kway or a waterproof tarpaulin to shelter from the wind during the crossings.


are used little on board, but are necessary during maneuvering: in this case they should be comfortable and practical with clear rubber soles to avoid ruining the boat, while they are absolutely to avoid wedges and heels.

It is also advisable to have two pairs of shoes , so that you have one pair to use on the boat and one for when you go ashore . For cruises, rock shoes, sandals or rubber flip flops are useful to be used also for the shower.


For personal hygiene, several towels are needed: one for sunbathing and drying after swimming in the sea and one for use after a shower. Don’t forget toothpaste, toothbrush and be careful of the environment by using biodegradable shampoo and shower gel.
High protection sunscreen is essential to avoid sunburn, as well as a cocoa butter to protect the lips from sun and wind.


On boats, electricity is precious, as is water. Each electronic device must be recharged during navigation when the boat is running on the engine. It is important to bring battery or solar energy devices with you and have a power bank.
You do not use appliances such as hairdryers and straighteners that consume too much energy, there are the wind and the sun as natural hair dryers for a perfect styling!


During the holiday it is useful to have a waterproof case or plastic zip bags with you to protect electronic devices and documents from water splashes.
To sleep peacefully, you need earplugs and an eye mask to protect yourself from the light that filters through the portholes.
Furthermore, a mask, fins and snorkel are essential to dive into the blue sea and admire the depths of the Adriatic Sea.


In all boats there is a first aid kit, but if you suffer from seasickness, you must bring the pads and wrist bracelets that you can buy at the pharmacy . It is also useful to get eye drops, an anti-inflammatory, an antihistamine and an insect repellent. TOAlso, be sure to pack specific medicines if you suffer from particular pathologies. In any case, before departure it is important to inform the skipper of any disturbances or problems.

Once the suitcase has been prepared, all that remains is to decide, among the various destinations that Abruzzo Skipper offers, your favorite and book , without forgetting to pack a good book and a camera to immortalize the breathtaking views that await you.