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The Tremiti Islands, also known as the Diomedee Islands, are the only Italian archipelago in the Adriatic Sea. With its crystalline waters and very rich backdrops, these islands have been a Marine Reserve since 1989 and have been part of the Gargano National Park since 1996.


This little natural paradise is made up of five islands located about 12 miles from the Gargano. San Nicola with its towers, walls and cloisters is the historical and administrative center of the archipelago;San Domino , is the largest and most beautiful island from a landscape point of view, is covered by a characteristic pine forest of Aleppo pines and the tourist heart of the Tremiti Islands. Capraia it is uninhabited and rocky, it is a true diving paradise; Cretaccio, located between the island of San Nicola and San Domino, is little more than a clayey rock and Pianosa 20 kilometers away from the others, is an integral marine reserve, which is why there is an absolute ban on fishing and the prohibition of diving.


A boat holiday is the best solution to discover the archipelago of the Tremiti Islands: a true paradise for lovers of nature, sailing and scuba diving.
The island of San Domino is made up of numerous inlets, coves, caves that open into the coast, some of which have a very isolated atmosphere due to the winding shape of the island.

The bays not to be missed are: Cala Matano, which was inspired by the singer-songwriter Lucio Dalla for his album Luna Matana; Cala dei Benedettini is located along the west coast of San Domino, it is a small beach of rocks and rocks with a crystalline and transparent sea.

Not far from Cala dei Benedettini is Cala degli Inglesi with a postcard view.
The Spiaggia dei Pagliai is the most photographed of the Tremiti Islands and can only be reached by boat. The name derives from the rocks and cliffs formed in the white limestone that give the idea of huge piles of straw resting on the water. Cala delle Roselle so called for the roses that bloom in this area and Cala delle Arene, is located along the east coast of the island and is an unmissable sandy beach.

Marinella beach is one of the best known and most popular on the island of San Nicola with its narrow and elongated shape, made up of a white cliff that slopes down to the sea, easily accessible from the sea.

Among the places to visit there are certainly the hidden caves along the coast: the Swallow Cave, so called because swallows nest there, the Cave of the Violets, one of the most beautiful caves for its extraordinary blue-green water reflections and the Sea Ox Cave, where limestone cliffs can be seen plunging into the crystal clear waters.

The Tremiti Islands, called pearls of the Adriatic for their beauty and unspoiled nature, is the ideal place for lovers of the sea, relaxation and boat trips!