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Itinerary among the Wonders of Croatia by Boat

Unmissable Destinations to Discover in Dalmatia

If you are looking for an adventure and an ideal itinerary for an unforgettable boating vacation along the Croatian coast, these destinations are the perfect choice. Croatia, nestled in the Adriatic, offers a breathtaking spectacle with its crystal-clear waters, tranquil bays, and coastal towns rich in history. Exploring these wonders aboard a boat will provide you with a unique and unforgettable experience. In this article, we will advise and guide you through an itinerary of the most fascinating destinations you will encounter during a boating vacation along the Croatian coast.

1. Vis: The Hidden Oasis of the Adriatic

The island of Vis is a true jewel of the Adriatic, characterized by its secluded bays and turquoise waters. The town of Vis is divided into two main centers: Kut e
, each with its own unique charm. Here, you can stroll along the coast and enjoy breathtaking views, explore cozy restaurants, and soak in the relaxed atmosphere of the island. During your trip, you cannot miss a stop at the Atoll of
Veli Budikovac
, an island paradise with a restaurant and bar run by an affable owner, surrounded by rich fauna and flora.

Croazia - Baia di Vis
Bay of Vis

2. Hvar - Pakleni Islands: A Vibrant Paradise.

Hvar Croazia

Hvar is famous for its pebble beaches, lavender fields and the vibrant atmosphere of its main town. The Pakleni Islands, located off the coast of Hvar, offer secluded bays, fine sandy beaches and hidden coves where you can relax in the sun and enjoy the crystal clear sea. During your stay, enjoy a sunset drink at the famous bar “


“, or at the Disco Beach Bar “
‘ or at the “

Carpe Diem

“, famous for their festive atmosphere that continues late into the night.

3. Scedro: An Island of Peace and Beauty

Scedro is a quiet and wild island, ideal for those seeking peace and tranquility. Its long walks through pine forests and olive groves will make you feel in touch with nature, while its crystal clear waters invite relaxation and swimming. The island is sparsely populated and offers an authentic and intimate experience for those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Take advantage of typical Croatian restaurants, where the owners personally source fresh fish for your culinary delights.

Baia cristallina a Scedro - Croazia
Crystalline Bay in Scedro

4. Korcula: Medieval Treasures and Enchanted Bays

Monastero di Badja, Korkula
Badja Monastery, Korkula

Korcula is known for its ancient medieval walls and for being the supposed birthplace of Marco Polo. The old town of Korcula will transport you back in time with its narrow stone streets and Gothic churches. The island is also famous for its wine and olive oil production, offering visitors the opportunity to sample local flavors at one of the island’s many restaurants and wineries. On the eastern tip of Korcula is the Badja Atoll and its namesake Monastery, an enchanting bay with pebble beaches and clear waters where it is possible to disembark in order to hike appreciate the rich vegetation and come in contact with the many deer that freely graze the island.

5. Lastovo: Nature's Refuge

Lastovo is a remote and unspoiled island, ideal for nature and sea lovers. Its ancient fishing villages, forest-covered hills and the crystal-clear waters of its bays create a magical and evocative environment. The island is part of a protected nature park, providing habitat for a wide range of plant and animal species, and is a paradise for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts.


6. Mljet: Green, Lush and Mystical.

Parco Naturale di Lastovo
Lastovo Nature Park

Mljet is famous for its National Park and salt lakes. Explore scenic bike trails, visit ancient Roman ruins, and dive into the calm waters of its bays. The National Park, with its lakes
Malo Jezero (Small Lake)
and Veliko Jezero (Big Lake), offers a unique experience immersed in nature. The island is rich in biodiversity, with pine and oak forests that are home to numerous species of birds and wildlife.

7. Dubrovnik: The Pearl of the Adriatic.

Dubrovnik is a must-see, with its majestic fortified walls protecting a rich treasure trove of history and culture. Its bustling streets tell stories of brave sailors and skillful merchants, offering an unforgettable experience of discovery and wonder. The city is also known for its summer festival, which celebrates Croatian art, music and culture.

Dubronvnik - Croazia

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