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Booking Conditions - FAQ

Multi-day tour FAQ

A deposit of 50% of the price is required to confirm the reservation. Within 30 days of departure you must make the balance of the remaining 50%.

If you wish to cancel your reservation, we reserve the right to retain the payment received. So, should you cancel your trip before 30 days prior to departure, the 50% deposit paid will be retained. If you cancel after 30 days prior to departure, 100% of the rental amount will be withheld.

No, there is no security deposit with our All-Inclusive formula.

The catamaran is the right choice if you are looking for stability, more privacy, comfort and large spaces aimed at livability on board. For those who in addition to relaxation dream of a bit of adventure, we recommend an experience aboard one of our sailboats.

In case of adverse Meteomarine conditions, you will remain stationary in the Port until they improve. Depending on the weather and sea conditions, the skipper will establish and evaluate whether to undertake the crossing to reach the chosen destination. The same goes for the return. In the event that on the day of return it is not possible to make the crossing to reach the nautical base, we will wait for the weather and sea conditions to improve.

Notwithstanding the weather and sea conditions, usually the crossing to get to Croatia lasts from 10 to 12 hours depending on the destination that the skipper decides to reach. On board the transfer, the crossing takes about 4 hours.

Notwithstanding the weather and sea conditions, the crossing to reach the Tremiti Islands usually takes about 4 hours.

Being a European state, it is sufficient to have an Electronic Identity Card, alternatively, a passport.

Few things are needed on the boat; you spend most of your time in a bathing suit and T-shirt. We recommend some more elegant clothing for when you go out in the evening, a couple of sweaters and a k-way for windy days, as well as the ever-present sunscreen. It is strongly recommended to avoid trolleys and prefer soft bags due to space issues. For more details see our article on
What to Bring on a Boat Vacation

As much as we love them, unfortunately, we do not allow animals on board.

Boat vacations are ideal for children of all ages, who will be in a protected environment where they can play safely all day and have fun.

We normally spend the day at anchor in one, two or three bays between swimming, water sports and relaxation. In the evening, a decision will be made whether to sleep at anchor in some secluded cove under the stars or dock in a port and go ashore to visit the small towns. If there is no possibility to moor in the port, you will be accompanied ashore with the tender. On average we will sail two to three hours a day divided into two trips, the rest of the time we will spend in roadstead or ashore.

Daily Tour FAQ

We will undertake to move the Tour to the following days thereafter, or the date will be rescheduled in consultation with the client, subject to checking the availability of places with the office. In case these two conditions are not met, we will issue you a Voucher valid for 24 months equal to the amount paid. The same Voucher will allow will be expendable for any Tour we offer.

Unfortunately, the ticket will not be refunded. You will be issued a Voucher, in consultation with the office and subject to calendar availability you will still be given the opportunity to make up the trip.

Only the essentials are taken by boat. A backpack with inside, a K-way that can be used during the crossing, a sweatshirt, a spare swimsuit and rock shoes in addition to the inevitable sunscreen. If you want to snorkel, we recommend that you also bring a Mask and Fins.

Check in is scheduled at 8.30. After offering you a coffee and a croissant, and handing over the contract countersigned by you, we get on the boat to leave. The moorings are left around 9.00. At about 10.15 (weather and sea conditions permitting) we arrive at the Tremiti Islands. We leave from the Tremiti Islands three hours before sunset, so it depends on the month you travel. However, we never leave before 5.00 pm The return to the port is usually scheduled between 6.15 pm and 7.30 pm.

Of course, in case some customers do not prefer fish we have an alternative menu. It is essential, however, to communicate this at the time of booking. For other food problems such as celiac disease, unfortunately, our vessels not having adequate space, we cannot guarantee non-contamination.

Of course! On board our boats are life jackets and float tubes to allow everyone to swim.

Of course! All of our boats are equipped with stereos. It is possible to ask the crew to connect to the stereo with Bluetooth to put on their own music, alternatively you can ask them directly for a particular playlist.